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She Convinces Shy Guy to Get Naked

George (29 mins). George was a self proclaimed shy man that had convinced himself to come to my casting as he wanted a change of lifestyle. He was a thick set man with a great body and a pleasant personality, although I think he was lying about how shy he actually was. As we began chatting I got him to remove his top as he was sweating and it was hot in the office. Once his top was off I asked to see him in his underwear as he had said he would like to do pictures in his briefs. A little bit of convincing was all it took before he was standing before me in his pants. I asked him what he thought of doing some nude shoots and although he didn't seem keen, when I got up and stretched my long luscious legs to walk over to him I could see him changing his mind. When I said we could do pictures together I could see him losing concentration on anything but my body that was standing so close to him he must have felt the heat emanating from my pussy onto his face. His cock was hard and he no longer cared if the cameras were rolling or if we had a live audience, he needed and wanted to fuck me there and then. I drew his big, thick cock out and he started by licking my pussy with abandon. His self proclaimed shyness had disappeared completely as he licked my pussy gleefully. I took him in my mouth next and without seeming to realize it we slipped into the 69 position. I'd had enough foreplay by now and I needed a good fucking, and thankfully this stud didn't let me down. He fucked me hard and fast, even when I took control in the cowgirl position he pounded upwards into me, filling my pussy to the max with his long, thick shaft. Then we switched to the spoon position and he jack hammered into me from behind. I was filled with pleasure and I had several orgasms course through my body. I wanted to see his cum on my pussy now and he shot a thick wad of his stud semen onto and all over my pussy lips. His man glue was so thick it was still sticking and hanging to my pussy after he had gone to the shower. A great fuck from a great guy, another successful casting.

August 29, 2014
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