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Beautiful First-Time Lesbian

Elisa (36 mins). Elisa was beautiful and from the moment she walked in through the office door, I wanted her badly. Sometimes there's just something about another woman that draws me to her, sometimes I'm just too horny for my own good. But she was beautiful and not wearing a bra. Her figure looked amazing, she had an infectious smile and her ass and breasts were making me drool. So I began the task of trying to get into her panties. We talked about modelling for a while and she seemed keen to try topless and underwear shoots. When I asked to see her body, she undressed quite easily, but then tensed up when I went over and ran my hands over her smooth skin. She said she was curious about being with another woman so I decided to play my best line which had worked on a few castings. I told her that if she had an enjoyable afternoon with me then I would take her under my wing and she would have the best jobs for the best pay. No one can resist that offer and we were soon sitting and kissing on the couch together. This woman made me so horny I could not get enough of her, her soft moans as I played with her pussy were driving me wild. I removed my own clothes and went to town on this beautiful creature, finger fucking, licking and sucking until she was screaming with pleasure. When her orgasm hit her she tossed her head back as she cried out to the heavens. Now it was her turn to pleasure me so we swapped positions and she began to lick my wet pussy. For a first time lesbian she did a brilliant job, my own orgasms are quite intense and I'm not very vocal, but why whole body quivered like a tuning fork as she used her fingers and tongue to bring me to an amazing orgasm. Another delicious casting here at the female agent office, enjoy.

September 2, 2014
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