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Stud Learns What Sexy Agent Likes

Roy (31 mins). The first thing I noticed about Roy was his sparkling diamond like eyes. Then I noticed how incredibly good looking he was, before my eyes drifted over his fit looking body. My luck was in, this was one of the best looking studs I've ever seen come through that office door. He had no experience but wanted to try his hand at modelling. You may have noticed my no nonsense direct approach to getting what I want, and after I had seen him standing there in just his underpants I launched into my seductive attack. I basically told him that if he wanted to try erotica I could teach him what to do. I sweetened the deal by telling him something about how much money he could earn and quick as a flash we were on the couch kissing. I couldn't wait to get this studs meat into my mouth and I slid his curved, delicious tasting cock into my hot, wet mouth. He was groaning with pleasure as I sucked on his length and my pussy was moistening up nicely. I removed my own clothes and he expertly licked me as I sat on the edge of the couch. I rode him in cowgirl next and I looked deep into his gorgeous eye s as he pounded into me from below. I was in a lust fever, I know we tried another 2 positions and he was an amazing lover, my pussy was constantly twitching with delight and I couldn't take any more. As he fucked me in the spoon position I could feel his body tensing up and he pulled out just in time to empty his balls all over my flat stomach. I was satisfied and it was time for this stud to leave, I had more interviews booked and I needed a coffee and a shower before my next casting came along.

September 19, 2014
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