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Agent Gives Stud a Merry Christmas

Marco (36 mins). I was feeling very horny and festive today and in walked a hunk of a young man just as I was finishing some paper work before the Christmas holidays. He seemed like a very pleasant guy, and we went through the usual questions. I told him that he could make an absurd amount of money and he believed it. I could see the hunger in his eyes for the work that I had promised him. I decided to go full out and I told him I had a gift for him. With that I began to unwrap my clothes from my body and his jaw dropped open as he drank in my lithe figure with wide eyes. We began to kiss and then he said he shouldn't be doing this as he has a girlfriend. Every nerve in my body was tingling by now, so there was no way I was not having his cock inside me. I told him that if he wanted the work that I had promised him, then he would have to do something for me in return. Once the stud understood, I shut his mouth up by getting him to lick my pussy with long, slow strokes of his tongue. God it felt good, now I wanted to taste his cock. I stuffed it into my mouth and he grew in size as I swallowed his length to the back of my throat. I needed to be fucked so badly now that I straight up mounted him in cowgirl and began to ride his cock. He fucked very well indeed and we tried a few positions, but it was when we were in the spoon position that my orgasm hit me as he drove into me with powerful, hard thrusts. I was shattered and endorphins had flooded my body at this point, so I wanted him to cum and get out of my office. He obliged my request, pulled out and shot globules of thick spunk onto my stomach. A very sexy casting indeed, I do hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas my dear members.

December 25, 2014
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