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Job Interview for Blonde Assistant

Jenny (37 mins). This sexy, gorgeous blonde came into my office to apply for the role of my assistant. When I explained the role meant she would be surrounded by naked people taking erotic pictures she seemed fine with the idea, then confessed to always sunbathing naked and she thought nudity was a natural thing. My panties began to moisten as I began to suspect this stunner was a bisexual and might be very easy to get onto my couch and into my mouth. I tested the waters a little by saying it was so hot in my office that I had to remove my shirt, and she didn't even bat an eyelid. I had to bring up the fact I liked women next and she confessed to also being a bisexual. She was ringing all my bells so I decided to tell her how much she could earn. When I threw a big number at her, her eyes lit up and I knew this woman was all mine. I told her she could have the job if she fucked me in the office, right here and right now. She was a horny minx and said it was a deal as we would both get what we wanted. We started to kiss, tenderly at first, and then we moved onto the couch where our clothes seemed to dissolve. I could tell she had been with another woman before, such was her confidence, although she did need a little guidance before expertly licking and finger fucking me to orgasm. Now it was her turn and I got my big rubber strap on cock out and eased it into her from behind. I wanted to see her face as she orgasmed though, so I turned her round into missionary and fucked her to orgasm with my thick rubber cock, gazing deep into her eyes the whole time. An absolutely beautiful morning with a beautiful, sexy blonde, she took my breath away. Enjoy.

December 30, 2014
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