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Stud Wants Compensation from Agent

Celine (25 mins). When this handsome young stud walked in I thought I recognized him but I wasn't sure as there's been quite a few handsome young studs walk through my office door and they all begin to blend into one now. When I asked him how he was, he complained that he had been here before and had sex with me because he wanted to be a famous porn star. Obviously he'd had no work from me and his friends had seen the video online which had caused him no end of problems so now he wanted compensation. It happens sometimes that we have previous castings return wondering where all the promised work is, but we usually manage to come up with some excuse or another. I apologized and said my office had been broken into and some files stolen. When I offered to re-interview him for a job, he refused, saying he only wanted compensation now. I asked him what kind and he said he wanted a blowjob as he was horny and had no girlfriend. Wow, they say lightning never strikes twice but this guy was walking into being recorded fucking me again and it was his suggestion. Unbelievable. I told him I would but only if he recorded it for my own personal collection. He agreed and within seconds we were on the couch and I was stuffing his cock down the back of my throat. He was handsome and I was horny so this was turning out to be a good start to the day. He was a little enthusiastic, I must have pissed him off as he was trying to bruise my lungs with his cock. I simply reminded him I had teeth and it soon stopped. I have to say this stud could fuck and he recorded some great POV footage as I rode his cock in cowgirl. My orgasm built for ages and then as he fucked me in missionary it hit me and my while body shuddered with pleasure. Hearing my moans as I came was too much for him and he whipped his cock out before firing ropes of cum out of his cock all over my stomach and chest. A great fuck and if I had work for him maybe he could become a famous porn star.

January 6, 2015
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