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Well-Hung Stud Makes Agent Cum Hard

Oliver (31 mins). Normally every handsome stud that comes into my office can be swayed into a casting with me by the promise of a big wage. It's one of my main weapons in getting that cock deep inside me. However, now and again, you do get the exception to this rule. Take Oliver for example, a fine looking hunk who was interested in doing nude shoots but not in doing porn, no matter what ridiculous amounts of money I threw his way. He happened to have a girlfriend and simply said she would not allow him to do adult moves. He was however interested in the nude work and wanted the work badly. So I switched tactics and promised him lots of nude photo shoots but only if he fucked me right there and then. I explained I was single and horny and my job meant I didn't have much opportunity to meet men. He agreed and this casting was on, strangely enough he never questioned the cameras but that was one less thing I didn't have to make an excuse up for. I was so glad I had convinced him to fuck me when I pulled out his beautiful big cock. It was a very satisfying length and girth, I coudln't wait to devour it. My hopes of getting a good fucking were soon realised as this stud could fuck and fuck well. He fucked me in a variety of positions, his big cock pounding in and out of my tight pussy and when I rode his length in cowgirl I had such an amazing orgasm that I though I was going to pass out with pleasure. I wanted to see his cumshot now but as he fucked me from behind in doggy I felt him tense up and then relax again. The cheeky stud had only gone and shot his load deep inside my pussy. He spread my ass cheeks and his creampie fell out of my pussy with a splash. I told him to get out, I don't usually allow myself to be creampied in my castings. Now I would have to take a shower to clean up before the rest of the castings came in for the day. What a cheek, but a great fuck nonetheless.

January 20, 2015
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