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New Agent Fucks Exotic Brunette

Anna (33 mins). I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Tracy and I am the new blonde bombshell agent. I am very passionate about sex and when I heard of this opportunity as a fake female agent, I jumped at the chance. I've always been quite lucky in life and this was proved when my first casting walked through the door and she was drop dead gorgeous. Some women just exude sexiness and Anna was one of them. She has an exotic look to her and she was very pretty with what I could tell was an amazing body hidden underneath her clothes. She had done a lot of previous modelling shoots but lately she had not been getting so many job offers, so she wanted to try our agency. The first thing I did was get her to undress down to her underwear so I could see for myself if there was any physical reasons as to why the job offers had dried up. To my delight, her body was flawless. A perfect set of firm breasts and an ass that was pert and a wonder to behold. I made her a very gracious offer with good pay for some erotic work, but I hinted that she would have to do something with me to secure the work. I explained that she would have to have sex with me and let me record it if she wanted the job. Although slightly reluctant at first, she warmed to the idea very quickly and we were soon locked in a passionate embrace on the couch. I was so horny I was desperate for my pussy to be licked and Anna obliged willingly. She was amazing, her lips and tongue explored my pussy sending me into a sexual frenzy. When my orgasm hit it blew my mind, I was literally shaking on the couch as the waves of euphoria slowly subsided. I hadn't finished with her just yet though and I got my plastic penis out as I wanted to fuck her like a man. We started in the doggy position and her tight pussy clamped down onto my plastic phallus as I pushed deep inside her. This woman was far too pretty to just fuck from behind so I fucked her to an amazing orgasm in the missionary position. What a fabulous first casting for me with a beautiful woman who really knows whats she's doing.

January 27, 2015
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