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First Lesbian Sex for Shy Student

Caitlin (33 mins). My second casting as a new agent and another gorgeous woman walks through my office door looking for modelling work. Caitlin was very pretty with a gorgeous figure and a very pleasant demeanour. She was looking for work modelling underwear and clothes, but it was getting her out of her clothes that was all that was on my mind. I asked to see her body and she stripped down to her sexy underwear, revealing a perfect pair of pert breasts and an ass that almost made me wolf whistle. I asked her if she was interested in doing any nude shoots and she didn't seem very keen. I explained the money was better and I eventually got her to remove her bra so she was sitting opposite me with her nipples pointing at me, like accusing fingers. She seemed very shy so I told her I would undress down to my underwear also, so she would feel more at ease. Besides, it was getting very hot in my office. Now I introduced the topic of adult erotic work with another woman but she said it would seem unnatural to her. I walked over to her and began to caress her, showing her how natural another womans touch could be. I sealed the deal with a slow, deep kiss and she was ready to see if she could do it with me. We lay on the couch and ran each others hands all over each others bodies, kissing and touching, her virgin hands exploring another woman for the first time. I was far too horny to mess about, so I removed her panties and began to feast on her pussy. She was loving it, her cries of pleasure filled the air and I licked and finger fucked her to her first ever lesbian orgasm. She was keen to give as well as receive and I was soon staring straight into her beautiful eyes as she finger fucked me to an mazing, body convulsing orgasm. Another fabulous day In work for me, I think I'm going to really love this job.

February 3, 2015
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