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Sexy blonde seduces delicious brunette in casting interview

Ennie (31 mins). This delicious brunette walks into my office and I am overwhelmed with desire the moment I see her. She had a very sexy look to her even fully clothed, and a beautiful smile that lit up the room. She had arranged the interview after a previous casting interview with on of my predecessors had funnily enough failed to get her any work. I told her that we had lost all of her interview documentation so she would have to do the casting again, to which she readily agreed. After going through the basics I asked her if she'd be interested in attempting erotic scenes with other girls to which she said she had never tried. I was amused by this as I thought my predecessor would have had her seductive way with her. I'll have to see if I can dig that video out. After promising her lots of money and work she soon agreed and we were locked in a passionate embrace. I was feeling so horny I wanted to taste her right there on my desk so I swiped off all the item on the desk and told her to climb onto it. What followed was one of the best casting interviews I've had to date, as we both kissed, sucked, fingered and explored each others bodies with both of us erupting in orgasm. A beautiful start to the day with a very beautiful woman.

April 7, 2015
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