Excited stud can not believe his luck as he fucks foxy agent - Femaleagent

Excited stud can not believe his luck as he fucks foxy agent

Martynes (26 mins). I've met some characters on this casting couch since I started doing this job, but this guy had to be one of the most super excited people I have ever met. An electrician by trade he wanted a different spark in his life and wanted to try his hand at modelling. He was a very larger then life character, jolly, fun and he made me laugh several times. When I asked to see his figure he removed his clothes revealing an Ok body. When I asked if he was interested in doing erotic work he simply said so long as the price was right he was game. Then when I told him that he would have to do a casting with me so I could see if he was good enough to do the job, that's when his excitement reached interstellar levels. I thought I'd left a kettle boiling, but it was his high pitched scream of joy when he realized he was going to actually get to fuck me. He squirmed in his chair with delight and let out a crazy cackle as he was filled with pure joy at the thought of slipping inside me. I told him to go over to the couch and I sat down next to him. I asked him if he liked to lick pussy, and as he began to reply I slipped my panties off. He instantly began jumping up and down on the spot with joy as the realization hit home again that he was going to fuck me. In between gasps of amazement he went down on his knees and began licking my velvet pussy lips. He actually wasn't that bad at it, he'd made me moist and now I wanted his dick inside me. He was actually good at fucking also, his cock filled me up and we fucked in a few positions, waves of pleasure coursing through both of our bodies. When he went down on me again and finger fucked and licked my pussy, an amazing orgasm hit me and made my whole body shudder. I let him fuck me from behind next and the sight of my amazing arse as he he sank his shaft into me from behind was too much for the poor fellow and he pulled out and shot his sticky sap all over my pert arse cheeks. I sent him away, knowing full well that this guy had just had the most amazing experience of his life and it would take a miracle for anything to top this for him.

June 23, 2015
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